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Who are the Friends
of Fairfield Rugby?

We are players, past and present.
We are fans and supporters, always.
We are keepers of the tradition.
We are holders of the history.
We are the
Friends of Fairfield Rugby

Read about our 50th Anniversary celebration
Download a PDF of the article (1.8 MB)
at this link.

Check out pictures from the event in our 
Picture Gallery 50th Anniversary 

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We are helping to recruit head coaches and assistants for our FURFC men and women.
Please use your rugby contacts & network to bring worthy candidates to the table.

These are paid positions that report directly to John Paladino, Director of Club Sports at FU.
Interested candidates may contact John directly at jpaladino@fairfield.edu or 203-254-4000 ext. 3318.
Prior to speaking with John any candidate can receive more information on the women's team by speaking with Ryan Birge '05, FOFR Board Member Women's Team Liaison and former coach of the FURFC Women; contact Ryan at ryan.j.birge@gmail.com. For information on the men's team speak with Tom O'Connor '75, FOFR Board Member Men's Team Liaison; contact Tom at toconnor@americanbelt.com.

The FURFC is a member of the Tri-State Collegiate Rugby Conference, www.tristaterugby.com, and play under the coaching requirements of USA Rugby, www.usarugby.org/coaching. Practices are held 3-5 days a week with games played on Saturdays & Sundays;the season starts on September 6-7, 2014. The men's team is looking to win the conference championship again and advance further in the playoffs after losing in the first round. The women's team is returning a strong group of 13 seniors and expects to rebound from a disappointing 2-4 season after winning their division championship in 2012. 

Our new coaches can count on the support of the University and the FOFR to develop a winning program.


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