In Memoriam Names


They watch the game for evermore

John E. "Jack" Barrett, Jr. '74
Paul J. Basirico '69
John R. Bender '65 One of "The Originals" in 1963
Owen C. Buckley ‘78
John L. “Bunky” Burke ‘67
Douglas Ciacci ’65, FURFC Founding Member and Rugby Club MVP Trophy Namesake
Robert E. "Bob" Corbett '66 One of "The Originals" in 1963 Our first campus rugby pitch (now the site of the Dolan Business School) was named Corbett Field in honor of his love of the game and how he captured the spirit of our early years
James N. "Cos" Costello '85
Paul I. “PID” Davis, Fairfield University faculty member and long time club moderator
Elizabeth Devlin '05
Charles M. "Chuck" Dombeck '71
George Donoghue '66
Christopher J. Eaton '84
Richard N. "Rick" Fuller, Sr. '66
Leila B. Grauert,
Donor of Grauert Field in honor of her late son Hans, and mother of Chris Grauert ’68 President FURFC
Joseph Graziano ‘84
Michael C. "Mike" Griffin '67
John T. Gugle '65
Thomas E. Hennekens ‘67
Robert S. "Bobby" Kaps '85
John Karwan ‘68
Michael Kenefick ‘70
Joseph P. “Jay” Kirwin ‘67
Sean Lugano FURFC Coach in 1996 & 1997 who died in the 9/11 attack in New York
Michael Lunden '86 died in the 9/11 attack in New York
Kevin M. Manley ‘73
Dennis Neenan '68
James Nicksa ‘68
Christopher Orgielewicz '87  died in the 9/11 attack in New York
Edward J. Palma '73
David G. Palmgren '81
Joel J. Pascale ‘65
David G. Rowan '82
Steven D. Ryan ‘70
Peter Schuessler ‘71
John P. “Sully” Sullivan ‘65 One of "The Originals" in 1963
John G. “Swanie” Swanhaus ‘67 One of "The Originals" in 1963

As of September 8, 2016