Will Brazier

Will Brazier, '05

Among the most experienced and accomplished players in the history of FURFC. As a Fairfield Prep rugger, he was part of a team that qualified for the National Championship tournament. He began his career with the FURFC as a freshman in the fall of 2001 and immediately made his way onto the A side. A great player at Fairfield as a hooker, he became the forwards captain in 2004 and was named Doug Ciacci Most Valuable Player in 2005. His collegiate career included being named as a USA Under-19 competitor, playing in the Under-19 World Championships in Italy, being named to the New England collegiate select side for four years and being named captain of the Northeast collegiate select side in 2004 and 2005. As a Fairfield senior he was selected to the All-American Team.

He continued his career after Fairfield with the White Plains RFC and Old Blue until 2015. He was a dominant player on dominant teams at all levels. He was selected to the USA Eagle player pool for six years beginning in 2006 and participated on numerous winning sides, claiming championships in tournaments in the United States and abroad. He is among a very small group of the most accomplished Fairfield Ruggers in the history of the club.

In addition to all of his rugby union successes as a player, Will was an assistant coach at the United States Military Academy from 2015-2017 and spent several years playing rugby league at the club and representative level.

Career highlights include:
  • Long career as a representative player at various levels including six years as part of the USA Eagles player pool
  • Doug Ciacci Most Valuable Player - 2005
  • FURFC Captain - 2004